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About the Alliance Anticoagulation Foundation

The BMS-Pfizer Alliance is a collaboration between Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Pfizer Ltd. The Alliance Anticoagulation Foundation takes the format of a website and has been created and is funded by the BMS-Pfizer Alliance. Its purpose is to provide information about how we collaborate with and support the NHS and other healthcare organisations in order to advance patient care and achieve the best outcomes for patients in the UK.

​​​​​​​One of the ways we do this is through Independent Medical Grants. The BMS-Pfizer Alliance is committed to supporting healthcare professionals and the NHS drive improvements in patient care. The BMS-Pfizer Alliance supports the submission of grant requests from healthcare organisations to provide funding for the independent medical and/or scientific initiatives of that healthcare organisation, that are aligned to the BMS-Pfizer Alliance’s medical and/or scientific strategies.

BMS-Pfizer Alliance Independent Medical Grant Calls for Proposals:

Targeted Atrial Fibrillation Detection Grant: call closed on the 31 March 2021
no further applications are now being accepted

​​​​​​​The BMS-Pfizer Alliance do not currently have any open grant calls

​​​​​​​Independent Medical Grants are intended to either enhance patient care or benefit the NHS and maintain patient care. They cannot be linked to the prescribing or use of a specific medicine. As a result, the BMS-Pfizer Alliance’s involvement is strictly limited to the provision of an Independent Medical grant and we do not receive any direct benefit in return. Independent Medical Grants do not constitute an inducement to prescribe, supply, administer, recommend, buy or sell any medicine.

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The BMS-Pfizer Alliance is committed to supporting healthcare professionals and the NHS to drive improvements in patient care and help achieve the best results for patients.

Working with the BMS-Pfizer Alliance

Working with the BMS-Pfizer Alliance

The BMS-Pfizer Alliance has experience of working in partnership with the NHS, healthcare organisations and patient associations.

Mission statement

The NHS is constantly changing and the needs of our partners and the people they care for reflect this. At such a challenging time for our health service, the BMS-Pfizer Alliance has established the Alliance Anticoagulation Foundation as part of our commitment to working in partnership with the NHS and other healthcare organisations in order to improve outcomes for patients. This website, therefore, sets out ways in which we can achieve optimal care for patients requiring anticoagulation through a number of routes, which could include: collaborative working and support; pooling skills, experience and resources; and financial grants or services. 

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April 2021